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Private Chef

Need a Private Chef?

Chefs Recruit does short term, long term and permanent private chef recruitment for select cliental who require this service. This can be for a private home, yacht or private executive jet.

Permanent Chefs

We have the experience and expertise to understand that recruiting a private chef has major differences to industrial chefs, this person is expected to work in your home or to be the fulcrum around you entertaining guests. Your chef must be trustworthy, discreet and blend in with your surroundings and relieve the pressure of running a busy household. We understand that with private chefs personality is often more than or as important as raw chef’s skills. Our expertise in this specialized section of chef recruitment will prove to save you time and have your private chef in your kitchen expediently. Whether it is a Michelin level chef or friendly charismatic chef that’s suites your personalised requirements we will find the person that fits the bill.

Short Term Chefs

We have a small team of private chefs available in the Western Cape region for short term contacts. These private chefs are hand selected by Chef William Sharp, they are some of the most talented chefs available on the South African market and will bring world quality food into your home. As there is a high demand for this service and a limited pool of available chefs we do require minimum of 10 days’ notice, and will not take bookings for a shorter duration than 7 days.

Managed Private Chefs

Turn key domestic management, This is a fully customisable service for chefs and butlers, please make contact with us to find out more. This service will provide chefs and household management on a permeant bases and be managed by chefs recruit.

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